Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Burley Champions get out and about in Leeds!

Although the film launch and public screenings have come and gone, we are delighted to say that the project is still continuing with an exciting range of follow-up activities. Thanks to the support we have had from the Heritage Lottery Fund, 15 of the Burley Champions recently went on a study trip to Leeds's local studies library to see the fantastic range of resources on offer to anyone with an interest in local or family history. We have also been able to organise screenings of the 'All About Burley' film at 4 other primary schools in the area, including Quarry Mount, Blenheim and Brudenell. The film has already been seen by over 300 staff and pupils who have given it a big 'thumb up'!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"All About Burley" Makes Headlines!

With over 300 people seeing the Burley Champions’ film at the launch event and the public screening this June, the Burley Champions have made the news again! 

Both events, captured by the Yorkshire Evening Post, were extremely exciting for the children. “All About Burley” drew over 200 children, parents and volunteers to the launch event and over 100 people for the public screening at the prestigious Hyde Park Picture House. It was an absolute delight for all those involved to see such a diverse range of people from Burley and Leeds enjoying the magical film which the children and volunteers have worked so hard to create. Congratulations again to all the Burley Champions of Rosebank Primary School, the parents and the volunteers!!! 

The film is now going on tour around local primary schools and is going to be used as an education resource to teach more children about Burley's interesting history.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Burley Champions on YouTube

The entire project film is now freely available to everyone with an Internet connection! You can find it on YouTube by following this link:

The children have had a wonderful time making this film. We hope you enjoy it too!! Do post up your feedback or email your comments to Gill Young, Head Teacher at

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Great turnout for public screening

There was quite a buzz at the Hyde Park Picture House as over 100 people came along for the public screening of 'All About Burley'. There was a very diverse audience including young 'Burley Champions' bringing along their relatives, some of Burley's older residents who came to see themselves being interviewed on the big screen, and a mix of Hyde Park's regular audience of local residents, students and film fans.
Several project volunteers also came along, including Jess Lowe and Joe Lawrenson (front row, centre & right). They can be seen here as the cinema began to fill up, chatting with David Brewster whose daughter Erin made a significant contribution to the project as a volunteer local history researcher and workshop assistant.

The audience gave their verdict with  big round of applause after the screening. Joe confessed to finding the film quite emotional at times - "You can really tell the kids are proud of Burley and its heritage. I had no idea that Burley was such an historic place."

Jess agreed: "The quality of the film is amazing, I am so glad I came to see it. "

Thursday, 6 June 2013

'All About Burley' - a FREE public film screening 2pm Sun 9th June

All of the Burley Champions celebrated this week clutching their well earned certificates of achievement after a private screening of the film for children, parents and guests.

After giving the film a firm 'thumbs up', the children now invite the general public to a FREE public film screening:

2pm, Sun 9th June
Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, Leeds.

The screening will last about 40 minutes.

All are welcome. Why not come and join us - and bring your family and friends!!

Over 200 children, teachers, parents and VIPs filled the seats at the historic Hyde Park Picture House on Wed 5th June for a special launch event and premiere film screening of 'All About Burley', a magical and engaging community history film created by children, parents and volunteers from Rosebank Primary School.

Head Teacher, Gill Young, gave a warm welcome to the excited audience which included 2 classes of children from Brudenell Primary School as well as representatives from our partner organisations Leodis, Older Wiser Seniors (OWLS) and, of course Heritage Lottery Fund, whose generous funding has made the project possible.

The film certainly went down very well - the applause was deafening!!!

All of the young Burley Champions received certificates to celebrate their hard work and achievements.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Putting Burley on the map - Literally!

One of the less well known aspects of the Burley Champions project has been to create a 'channel' on the international local history website, Historypin.

In partnership with Leodis, which is Leeds City Council's photographic archive, our  volunteers have uploaded an extensive selection of old photographs of old Burley. The Historypin site allows users to 'pin' old photograph to a detailed 'Google' map of the area together with a short description.

The site is open to the general public and enables the project to share information with a global community of people interested in sharing their local 'histories'.

You can browse the Burley Champion's Historypin
channel here: